Barfer’s Best for Cats

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Optimal supplement to the daily ration if you B.A.R.F. “Bone and Raw Foods”


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Barfer’s Best for cats contains all vitamins and minerals of natural origin, including calcium, which the cat is fed with raw feed needs daily in order to cover its needs and to remain efficient and active

Barfer’s Best for cats contains calcium citrate as source of calium, easily absorbable and indispensable for the formation of firm bones, teeth, claws and musculature – activates numerous enzyme systems, steers nerve impulses and supports the heart activity.

Barfer’s Best for cats contains the amino acid taurine, wich is essential for cats. Taurine cannot be produced by the cat itself. Taurine is indispensable for a healthy activity and supports the sight. A lack of taurine can result in blindness.

Natural seaweed supplies vitamins, micro minerals such as iodine, flourine and enzymes, amino acids and improve the pigmentation of coat, nose mirror and paws.

Yeast supplies all remaining vitamins, including those of the B-group and biotin. the high content of enzymes, minerals and trace elements promotes the readiness to perfom and protects skin and hair.

Calcium citrate, seaweed, yeast

Ingredients per kg:
Calcium 8,24%, raw ash 26,1%, raw protein 20,1%, raw fat 2,0%, raw fibre 0,9%

Nutritional additives per kg:
10.000mg taurine

Content: 180g / 500g

Feeding recommendation per dog and day:
Depending on the size of the cat: 1 teaspoon, max 2 teaspoons