Bovine Fat Powder

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pure Energy – natural source of fat for B.A.R.F.meals – no additives

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…pure Energy – natural source of fat for B.A.R.F. meals – no additives

Canina® BOVINE FAT POWWDER is a natural source of energy made of cooked beef fat and its broth without adding any sugar. From this animal fat execlusively from bovine, dogs and cats can convert fat energy for their bodily usage. Young, still growing, animals with tendency for weight loos or leanness, develop more substance and can model an exhibitionable body. Pregnant and lactating animals benefit from the fat calories in the care of their puppies and kittens.

Very active dogs i.e. guard dogs, hunting dogs, sport dogs should be fed Canina® BOVINE FAT POWDER daily as a natural energy source for more strength, performance and endurance.
With Canina® BOVINE FAT POWDER taste sensible animals accept their meals more easily due to fat being an excellent flavor carrier.

Canina® BOVINE FAT POWDER is an optimal source of fat for any B.A.R.F. meal.
Canina® BOVINE FAT POWDER is tasty, easily digestible and provides energy for the entire day.
Trade size: 250g / 500g

Composition / Ingredients:

Composition: cooked beef fat 72% (srpay dried), animal by-products 27,9% (spray dried broth), rosemary extract 0.1% (as a natural antioxidant)

Ingredients: Protein 21%, fat, 72%, crude fiber 0.0%, moisture 5%

740kcal = 3,100KJ per 100g Canina® BOVINE FAT POWDER

Feeding recommandation per animal and day:
dogs: ½ teaspoon per 10kg body weight, max. 3 teaspoons
cats: ½ teaspoon, max. 1 teaspoon
(1 teaspoon = approx. 2g)

Canina® BOVINE FAT POWDER ist daministered together with the usual food; dry food must be moistered.