Petvital Bird Power

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with 20 different amino acids

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Unique active ingredient complex of 20 different amino acids (including lysine and methionine) as well as iron and zinc. PETVITAL® BIRD POWER supplies valuable proteins in the form of thes amino acids. The minerals support performance and vitality.

LYSINE: improves feed conversion, supports plumage quality, prevents feather plucking

METHIONINE: improves the egg quality, size and weight

Iron: promotes the absorption of oxygen in muscles and blood

ZINC: supports healthy growth, improves fertilization

healthy biddy
healthy growth
gorgeous plumage
Birds have to eat a third of their body weight daily. Because the food supply often does not sufficiently contain the necessary active ingredients and nutrients such as essential amino acids and trace elements, it is advisable, even necessary, to cover the demand by using supplementary feeds.

If this is not observed, it often happens that birds in captivity show abnormal behaviour and deficits of physiological metabolism (function of the organism) such as e. g: Feather plucking, prolonged moulting, loss of appetite, egg fertilization deficits, chick mortality and much more.

A deficiency of essential amino acids such as lysine and methionine is shown as follows: :

prolonged moult
reduced egg size
weight loss
growth retardation
disturbance of spring development
reduced laying activity
A lack of folic acid is shown by:

coliur disturbance of the plumage
poor hatching results
increased embryonic mortality
crossbill formation
A lack of trace elements such as iron an zinc can be seen as follows:

the condition worsens
growth slows down
susceptibility to disease
reduced sensation of taste
reduced feed intake
growth inhibition
damage to skin, hair or plumage
lack of testicular development
skeletal damage
Since PETVITAL® BIRD POWER contains all the amino acids and trace elements mentioned (a total of 20), we recommend daily supplementary feeding.

This unique active ingredient complex has the following effects on ornamental birds, parakeets and parrots:

Fertility and better egg fertilization
lower mortality of chicks and young birds
imkproved plumage quality
reduced spring pecking
growth regulation
good feed conversion and weight gain
support during moulting
support wound healing
immuno stimulation
support in case of respiratory diseases, also during antibiotic treatment
protection against skin diseases and parasite infestation
shorter recovery times
support in stress situations (like e.g. exhibition and journey)
to stimulate the appetite
Trade size: 15ml

Nutritional physiological additives per 1,000ml: iron as iron-3-oxide 900mg, zinc as zinc oxide 500mg, lysine 5.5mg, methionine 15.5mg

Feeding recommandation per animal and day:
small birds (such as budgerigar or canary): 3-5 drops
large birds, according to size: 5-10 drops

Mix with fed or the drinking water. Over a period of 4 weeks as a cure, followed be a 4 week break. Then the cure should be repeated another 4 weeks.