Home Clean

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Effective against all vermins with long-term protection

150 ml

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– Effective against fleas, flea-larvae and other vermin
– Long-term protection of around 6 months
– Sufficient for approx. 150m³
– Fleas and flea-larvae are killed
– The development cycle of fleas is disturbed

Content: 150ml

Recommendation of use:
Home Clean sould be placed centrally in the room on a heightened place where the animal lives. The content of Home Cleam deflates within a few minutes. The room should not be entered for around half an hour.

Prearrangements in the rooms which should be treated with Home Clean:
Exterior door and windows should be closed. Before use birdcages should be removed, aquarium and terrarium schould be covered and the ventilation should be turned turned off and food should be removed.